Thursday, 4 August 2016

I've recently been looking through my issues of Powerman. Dave Gibbons and I drew (penciled, inked & coloured) alternate issues of. 1975-77. Sold only in Nigeria at the time. For me almost 300 pages learning my craft out of the public eye - unless you lived in Nigeria!


  1. How fun! Is there anywhere we can check out these books?

  2. I remember that Eclipse Comics did publish some stories under the title of Powerbolt in the 80s so I can imagine they will be hard to fine.

  3. I have to correct myself there, the US title wasPower Comics and they had to change the charcter's name to Powerbolt.

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  6. I actually purchased two issues,a long time ago (that bit sounds familiar)I remember the unusual colouring of the pages being similar to which UK Marvel used back in their early days (Not the same colours though). If I remember correctly they were printed with the covers the same stock as the interior. I don't recall a lot more about them, I don't believe that they are still in my collection.

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  12. Wow. Even way back when you kind-of sucked, you still kind-of rocked.

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