Thursday, 29 October 2015

I just love this Orientalist painting from 1888, "The Black Poet" by Jean-Leon Gerome.


  1. It begs the question, how did he do it? There's no way this was done without photographic reference; the drapery, the motif on the carpet, the tiles, etc.

    I've seen some of his paintings in the Orsay Museum in Paris, and they are HUGE!

    It must've taken him a while to paint this.

  2. They would have had black & white photography back in those days.

    1. Mr Bolland. There's any way to get in touch with you? An E-mail, for example.


  3. Sure, but Gerome made color sketches during his trips. And with a glassplate photograph if you have a light behind it, you can project it onto the canvas.

    This method has been used even befote photography was invented (with mirrors and lenses reflecting the image on a canvas) since the Middle Ages.

    Mind you, you've still got to be an excllent artist/painter even for that.

    Try taking the above image and transforming it into black and white. It will look just like a b&w photograph.

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