Thursday, 19 March 2015

Two recent covers for DC. I haven't visited this blog for a long time. Couldn't figure out where they'd hidden the "add post" button. Now I've done it I can't remember how I did it! And there's got to be a simple way of positioning the pics that I'm not getting.


  1. Hi Brian, Finally! a new Bolland Wonder Woman cover, it's been too long. Long enough in fact that she has moved beyond the physical world into 'digital only'!. It was great to meet you at the recent convention.
    Is B.J.Bolland a new sig?

  2. The Wonder Woman/Joker cover is from an unused prelim I drew back when I was drawing WW covers (the 90s?). It's an homage (swipe) of an iconic illustration by J. C. Leyendecker from the 1920s. I thought I'd acknowledge that fact by adding this one time my initials which are B. J.