Monday, 1 September 2014


Here are five recent pages from my picto-memoir. I'm well and truly into the business of growing up in the sixties here. I could fill pages with my earliest drawings but only a few will make it in here.


  1. Yes. I thoroughly approve of this stuff and look forward to the completed thing, whatever that'll be.

  2. Hurrah, able to post at last! Regarding your autoblogoraphy (new concept there!) as I was talking to you at LSCC on Saturday, there are a few specialist publishers out there who I'd have thought would be interested in a condensed version of your story, it no doubt would appeal to those who lived around your area at the time as a historical document and also from a fans perspective as to what your influences were. One problem however is the use of various images and I'm unsure how the BBC and Canal + would react to the use of Hartnell as the Doctor and Mrs Peel in printed format knowing how much of a money spinner Doctor Who is.

    I think to go down the self published route may be more beneficial, however it's likely that to get around the use of images it may have to be a friends and family publication which limits any financial opportunities unless you go down the route of influences upon your art etc.

    Many thanks for letting me look at the blog pages and for the signatures and Zatanna print, I hope you had a successful LSCC and if at any point there's a Starro JLA cover print in the offing please let me know via the blog.

  3. Must not forget Kathy and John in the pics.. Now they're my Avengers!