Thursday, 12 September 2013

Two recent covers for DC Comics. The first I did a while back. It's now the cover of  a TPB called "HELLBLAZER the family man'. The ruined church in the background is the one near where I live today. It burned down in 1914 for still unexplained reasons . As for the "Dial E" cover - I drew the cover on a number of Levels and someone added a background (that I didn't draw) to create a 3D effect. You'll have to buy the book to see the result.


  1. hey Brian, Any chance of seeing the helllazer one in black and white form (and maybe slightly higher resolution) - the line work on the church looks amazing - reminds me of the intricate line work you used to put into some of the Camelot covers and Animal man covers...

    thanx for showing.

  2. Is the church in question by any chance the All Saints church in Breadsall, believed to be burned by the Sufragettes in 1914?