Monday, 30 September 2013

Here's the line version of the cover of INVISIBLES vol 3 #? Well you can probably work that out.


  1. Hello. My apologies if you've addressed this before but could you cover your inking technique? I've looked on the internet for a description of your process and I understand you created several customized brushes in Photoshop but your lines are so perfect, so equidistant from each other (the thing that makes your work stand out to me from others) that it makes me wonder if you have pressure sensitivity turned off in PS. And yet you have other lines (like hair and some of the rendering on skin) that DOES vary in thickness.

    Could you shed some light on this? I've been a fan since Camelot 3000!


  2. Pardon the interruption, but many years ago, at Rad-Con in Virginia, I asked you how much you thought Robocop owed to Judge Dredd. You were just about to answer the question when your significant other showed up and said the panel was over, and all six or eight of us at the convention (David Mazzuchelli was there too, whether I've spelled his name right or not) went out for some food.

    It was ages and ages ago, so you might not remember the occasion, but I've always wondered what your answer to that would have been. You looked as though you had something to say about it.

  3. Hello Mr. Bolland! Love it when you post the line art to your pieces on here. Great insight into your style. Quick question, I've been trying to send you an email, but it seems that your email system is down on your website, is there a better way to send you a letter?

    Thanks so much,

  4. Was the gun intended to be a phallic allusion?