Monday, 29 July 2013

I just re-drew and coloured this page of Mr. Mamoulian. I may turn it into a limited edition print. (The date next to my name is inaccurate. I did it yesterday.)


  1. I like the shapes you have going on, for Mr Mamoulian. He would make a great animated character.

    1. I do agree with you Mark. Lucky I'm because sometimes... since summer 1989 I really do dream about a MR MAMOULIAN cartoon...
      and this play in my head is a marvel.

  2. Excellent Mr Mamoulian. My computers like this, I have various 'master' folders,about 15 'temp current' with different codes i made up and now forgot,2 back up drives which should match...but don't. Once or twice a year I do a purge,try to move things about to the correct pile(folder). Always a nice feeling knowing your files are ordered!