Thursday, 6 June 2013

I was asked to post files of my B/W line work at a higher res. This one's at 300 dpi. I'll see if it uploads.

Hmm. It looks the same to me.


  1. Hey Brian - yep that uploads - for me (using Firefox)stays the same resoluton on screen when clicked but if saved and viewed (acdsee/photoshop)comes out in full res of 1041x1600.

    I know you post a most of your artwork as lo-res files but I'd love to see you repost some of your black and white artwork in a higher res - especially any pieces of art not already published in any of your books or scarce work such as prelims or digital art.

    thank you for posting this - its lovely to see your amazing line and texturework like this.

  2. Hello Brian, thanks. Very kind of you to post. Yes, the resolution is great, amazing details, very nice. Is it tradicional ink or digital? See ya.

    Tancredo Cortizo