Tuesday, 7 May 2013

As requested by Wiggs.

In fact if any of you have any particular requests and I can find them I'll post them here. 


  1. Thankyou Brian!!! =)
    That is really sweet!!!! - the lineworks gorgeous!! Love the texturing on the Elephant!

    Apologies for asking for the black and white but I've always loved seeing your uncoloured artwork - one of the reasons I loved the teaser covers for upcoming issues in the 2000AD eagle comics.

    Requests: (I don't think these have been posted anywhere here so apologies if they have)

    Dredd Eagle cover#4 Father Earth - God Plant - you must have either gone loopy doing this or had soooo much fun.

    Any Wonder woman covers in black and white not already shown here...

    Or that Animal Man cover with the cat and Triceratops - that was jaw dropping...

    Camelot 3000#12- so much brush detail

    I only know of this version thats been posted...


    thanx again Brian - appreciate the post. =)

  2. Can we some some of the stuff you did for that french famous artists portfolio, Brian?

  3. brian. i would love to see any black & scans of any dc camolot covers. i was just re-reading issue # 12 the last issue.thanks. larry