Monday, 17 December 2012

My Silver Age comic collection up for sale.

There's nothing I've loved more in this world than my collection of comics, almost entirely DC Comics.

I've recently decided to sell my collection via Silver Acre Comics.

If you'd like to get your hands on great Silver Age comics from the 1950s to the late 60s and early 70s then please go to Silver Acre's web page. Each one is bagged along with a certificate hand signed by me to show it's from my collection:


  1. Just curious why you're selling your comics if they give you joy??

  2. Yeah, I'd also be interested to know not only why you've decided to part with them, but just how you can actually bear to. Won't you miss them?

  3. Why? Well, in a few words: You can't take 'em with you. My wife said something to the effect : "In the event of your demise what would I do with all those comics." And I thought - yes - I should sell them. The people for whom those comics have a special significance are of the age that they'll soon be dying off so I thought I'd sell 'em while there are still customers for them. They were all bagged and I rarely opened them and I have scans of the covers of all of them that I can look at instantly. I think they're still beautiful. My Famous Monsters of Filmland, Creepy's and Eeries are up for sale too.

    1. I have bough Action Comics, Superman No 534 and i can say it in excellent condition and it strange but it has that comic smell of what i remember when I was young. I am sorry that you had to sell them. I really enjoyed it. In the end Superman was made into a double class. It a pity that you could not have scanned all your comic in and saved them as PDF. Then you could have digital versions on them Brian.

    2. Hi Brian, I know exactly where you are at. Like you I have collected comics for over 50 years now since I was a kid. I promised my wife that by the time I was 65 I would get rid of my comics, because again like you I don't want her to have to worry about getting rid of them, or have to end up putting them into an horrific auction which was what happened to Denis Gifford's collection. Like you they have given me great joy over the years, and also like you I have quite a few key issues. But when the time is right they have to go, so I have about 100 lots in the upcoming May auction at heritage and I don't mind admitting I had a bit of a quivering lip when I handed over the package to the Fed-ex girl :), but hey life moves on. Peter Hansen

  4. Mr. Bolland. I just wanted to say that despite being one of my lifelong favourite comic / covers artists (since I was about 9 and saw your Animal Man covers reprinted in 'DC Action') - I was overjoyed upon purchasing Batman 232 - the first appearance of Ras Al Ghul from Silveracre - to discover it had belonged to you. I wanted to let you know I will take great care of it. I also looked through the rest of your collection that is for sale and it is truly impressive. I wish I had the tens of thousands of pounds it would take to buy them all.

    Alex, Brighton

  5. Thanks Alex. You're the first person so far who has contacted me to tell me he bought one. Enjoy it.

  6. Hello Brian,

    I just bought your old copy of Action Comics 293 (introduction of Comet the superhorse!). It's a favourite of my wife Linda so I thought I'd pick it up.

    Many thanks for your fantastic artwork. I've been a fan of yours for many a year. (The first comic I picked up was a Batman issue which sported a cover of yours)

    Again, many thanks.


  7. Hi Brian,
    I have a negative story re: Silver Acre.
    I successfully purchased your Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (39.95 pounds), but then 3 days later was issued a refund stating that the book had been sold.
    The problem is that Daryl has now listed the comic at over 4 times the original purchase price (199.95 pounds).
    Was this your request or theirs?

  8. Hi Brian,
    I've had, um, less than ideal dealings with SilverAcre in the past so haven't really bought from them lately--but NOW I have! I just scarfed up a bunch from your collection--THANK YOU. I wanted to alert you to a couple of things I noticed, some of your issues are listed for LESS than the same issues in the same condition WITHOUT your signed certificate. I would figure yours should go for more and don't want you leaving money on the table! Also, just on the off chance you have some books you didn't list, I wanted to let you know I've been looking for the original Power Man comics FOREVER! I've already picked up some of your other early stuff--Cozmic Comics (and I'd be embarrassed to tell you what I paid for Suddenly at 2-o'clock in the Morning!)--but I didn't see any of your DC UK annuals up there or anything...any chance you have a secret stash you're selling, but not on SilverAcre? Thanks so much for the sale and for all the enjoyment your work has given me, I've been a fan since your first DC work...!

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  10. Hi Brian,

    Just to say since last time I visited I have now also purchased:

    Brave and the Bold #79 - First Neal Adams Batman
    Batman #139 - First Batgirl
    Batman #145 - Son of the Joker
    Batman #156 - Robin Dies at Dawn
    Batman #234 - First Silver Age Two-Face
    Batman #237 - Neal Adams Night of the Reaper
    Batman #357 - First Jason Todd

    All in all I think they're in great condition. As a massive Batman fan these are some of MY key issues and it's awesome to know they come from the personal collection of the man who drew 'The Killing Joke'.

    I wonder if you sold your copy of 'Killing Joke', I did look...

    I've been spreading the word in my local comic shop that you are selling your collection and lots of people seemed interested. Thanks again for these great issues!

  11. Just wondered if anyone else has had problems with Silver Acre - I sent a number of books for grading some time ago and despite chasing them several times they do not seem to be able to tell me where they are. I understand that the process can take a while but it has now been around 4 months and I'm getting a little worried.