Monday, 19 November 2012

Four completely unrelated items from my files. I can't remember if I added them before.


  1. Wild. I'd never seen any of these before. That first image reminds me that you are particularly good at the horrific.

  2. Amazing. The consistent quality of your work over the years is truly inspirational. How do normal art lovers (and not the high end, deep pocketed collectors)attempt to get hold of one of your masterpieces or prelims ?

  3. Ahhh, loved that LP sleeve. Rememebr buying it not long after it came out after stumbling upon it in a record shop - can't remember what the actual music sounds like.. The LP though has sat on various shelves and bookcases over the years, usually in front of my lightbox and VHS machine, though now a jumbo Cintiq and blu-ray (times have changed!).
    Always loved the colours in this piece which feel somehow relaxing, even with the gloriously bonkers imagery. Remember looking about for the original art of this for years, but never did find it. Obviously squirreled away somewhere. LP will suffice though, as the colours are still wonderful.
    Lovely stuff.