Sunday, 8 July 2012

PETE STAMPFEL & BABY GRAMPS. I've been collecting records by the Holy Modal Rounders since the 60s. Pete Stampfel of that group (always wonderful) has just got together with a new partner for this CD, someone I'd never heard of: Baby Gramps. And what a revelation. What a voice! He sounds like a cross between Captain Beefheart and Popeye (and the noise you get when you vibrate a 12" ruler on a school desk AND a Mongolian mouth musician). Singing songs about monkeys with no tails, buzzards and whales, making moonshine and ghost trains. I just wanted to plug it.

This track isn't on this album but it gives you an idea:


  1. Great stuff. I'd never heard of him before and have just watched a few more vids of his on youtube. Thanks!

  2. The greatest couplet in rock lyrics: from the Fugs' New Amphetamine Shriek, written by Peter:

    "There's nine bouncing people, in one little room.
    The vectors are threading eternity's loom."