Friday, 3 February 2012

My comic collection.

I'm just enjoying seeing them reproduced here.


  1. "I'm just enjoying seeing them reproduced here."

    Me too, especially Kirby's weird creatures.

    As the leading cover artist of your generation, it would be fascinating to have some insights from you on these iconic compositions. (But that's an awful lot to ask, life being so short etc.)

  2. You're right. Life's too short. I will say one thing: I'm not usually one for saying "things were better in my day". In my view artists are getting better and better - but the thing I notice about the covers from the 60s is that, when you see them reproduced only a couple of inches high they pop right out at you. You can see exactly what's going on. Better, it seems to me, than many painted covers. Compare these with my cover for Dial H #1 for instance.