Monday, 23 January 2012

Detail of the day.

I kind of liked the sweary, multi-armed little creature in this pic (he's actually me!) as well as the lovely girl from the Doom Patrol whose name I can't remember. Ah!   Elasti-girl!


  1. Very eye- catching. I love the simplicity of the page in contrast with the detail of the sweary creature! Creates impact, especially in black and white.

    I'm a huge fan. I think that an artist like yourself and other fans of yours might also be interested in contributing to a discussion on my blog.

    You may not be aware yet, but there is a new phenomenon sweeping parts of the web. It is very ambiguous and mysterious, but the messages that have been transmitted are very interesting and it is creating lots of excitement on the web and in certain circles.

    It's ambiguity is where my blog comes in. It is a space where the questions and theories of this phenomenon can be discussed and scrutinised, and where those excited by this new viral campaign can try and solve the mystery of what it is, and whether it is really as relevant and interesting as it promises to be. It is still not known whether it is a political party, a philosophical idea or even a movie campaign!

    Anyway I think that you would enjoy participating in the early discussions of this phenomenon.

    Many thanks, and please continue to keep us all updated on new work, I'm always excited to see your art.

  2. I have managed to depict men and women fairly well, but that little monster would be way outside the limits of my abilities.

    Great cover!