Thursday, 5 January 2012

Detail of the day.

I don't think I've posted this one already. No one seems to know where the artwork to this double page spread is. My friend Joseph Melchior, who has been selling my last few remaining bits of artwork for me, is convinced it's at my house somewhere. I seem to remember scanning it in from the artwork for my "Art Of...." book but it's nowhere to be found now. Does anyone out there have this?


  1. I wish I did!

    Your Dark Judges properly terrified me when I was four or so and really too young to be reading 2000AD. A bit of terror is good for the blood.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Hi Brian,

    For some reason I have a distant memory of seeing this artwork hanging above the door at the old Forbidden Planet shop back in the mid 80's and on sale at a crazily cheap price - a few hundred? £250 rings a bell. Curious... Being only 16 at the time I still couldn't have afforded it and only had enough to buy some Gerry Anderson annuals and Dr Stange #169 (I was too nervous to ask for Silver Surfer #1 for £12!!!) ... I've told that story for years about seeing your art above the door, although now starting to doubt myself if you think you copied it for your book. Ha ha.. Oh well, there goes one of my after dinner comic party conversation pieces. Although again, I'm also sure I also saw the piece on a comic art collector site in the late 90's and all I can remember of that was the photo of the guy who I thought owned it looked rather rotund with a goatee beard with two girls either side of him. (not being much help here, sorry). Twas a lovely piece by the way.... Oooh, almost forgot - Happy New year and here's to a bumper year of work. :)

  3. An amazing image - this was in the issue of 2000AD that I was first introduced to. Up until then I had just been into the Beano and Whizzer and Chips but my friends older brother showed me this issue of 2000AD in his garage and in particular went straight to the Dredd story and it was the most amazing thing I had seen since Star Wars! I think I was 9 or 8 years old.
    Incredible to think such an amazing piece of work has been mislaid.

  4. Brian you might have put it away some where and one day you will come across it. I once lost an art piece that I put away for safe keeping only finding that I put it away to safe. After 10 year and moving house a few times lord and be hold I fond that piece of art rapped up in a brown envelope in a folder well safe from myself.

  5. I think it's unlikely that it was sold by Forbidden Planet for the reason that it was listed as one of the missing/stolen pieces by Forbidden Planet around 1988 when they sold many of the other 2000AD pages. As Brian indicates, I'm fairly sure I saw it (and a couple of other splashes) at Brian's house post-1999; it was probably found and returned in the late 80's/early 90's.

    Joseph Melchior

  6. I was in the Society of Illustrators offices in New York about 12 years ago and was told the following story. They had a kitchen to serve functions and whatnot, it had been in use a long time. One day they began a renovation and discovered a large oil painting wedged between fridge and counter and it evidently had been there a long time, it was a Norman Rockwell, he had given it, they guessed, to the society and it had been misplaced and totally forgotten.

    Great, even iconic, pieces of 'commercial art' like the Dark Judges image are easily lost or damaged. Maybe things are changing now as 'craft', 'collectable' and 'art' and 'fine art' are increasingly seen as the same thing. BTW Brian, I'm not a collector...but If I were I'd be gunning for one of the pages from this series, what a set of pages!

  7. ...and the painting now hangs behind the bar, small pic, but you can see it here.

  8. Absolutely amazing work. Just thought I'd say. Not much help, I know- sorry.

    What is the Total Achnovarchist Ordinal Form?

  9. This image is burned in my memory forever. I think it's the most striking, and most terrifying image I had ever seen - especially when making the mistake of reading this comic in a tent in the garden aged 10. Another masterpiece from the Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn of comics.

    If you do find it, please mention it here, as it would be a shame to think it had disappeared.