Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Scan of the day.

I haven't attended to this blog for a while so here are two scans of old roughs I'd forgotten about. The rough of a Munden's Bar page that you can see in it's inked form if you scroll down - and an unused idea for an Invisibles cover.

In the case of the Munden's Bar rough I'd like to point out that the annoying vertical smudgy lines seen here are as a result of insects crawling into and dying in my scanner. I had it cleaned once but what can I do?


  1. It's great to be able to study the first and final stages of an inked page.

  2. That character that shakes his fist in panel 3, it reminded me of the first time I sat up and took notice of your use of foreshortening. I'd been leant an old annual, it had a story about a maniac in MC-1 Zoo. In it you used extreme foreshortening on the gloved hand of the judge. It was incredibly dramatic. I just stared at it for God knows how long. Another good example was the scene in Bloke Mania when the poisons take effect - 'I'm with Rowdy Yates block, who you with?' It was hilarious and everything else at the same time. I don't know that I've seen that technique used as effectively anywhere since. I guess I was a fanatic.

  3. Stewart's reflections reminded me of that splash-type sequence to the Father Earth strip which featured dogskin-clad mutants and was among the first 2000ad features to reveal the penciled to published process of a page, in an early annual (that I rashly flogged a few years ago).

    The figure foreshortening was again very dramatic but my main thought as a teen was "wouldn't that be a bitch if an art editor wanted a character shifted to the left or something" - after receiving the penciled artwork!

    I guess pros anticipate such scenarios every now and again while the Thargs can't really allow themselves to be fans.

  4. John, that's another page I thought a lot about. I remember really liking the contrasting calm analysts and dormant bots in the top panel and how that was shattered by the 'Doomsday Dogs' (?) in the very next....
    Here's the image I think.....

  5. Thanks for the link Stewart - looks almost 3D!

  6. Amazing work! Love it.

    What is the Total Achnovarchist Ordinal Form?