Saturday, 19 November 2011

Detail of the day.

Here's another of the very few things I've done for Marvel. Hell-something. Hell-raiser, Hell-chaser, Hell-blazer, Hell-storm. I lose track of all the Hell-related characters. I remember the artwork was swamped under a lot of colour. This was the only image on my Wikipedia page for quite a while.


  1. Brian—

    If you don't mind sharing...why have you worked so little for Marvel over the years?

  2. I believe it was Helluvahaircut.

  3. -storm.

    A friend of mine borrowed this issue and lost it. Grr.

  4. Scott

    My answer to you question goes like this: I was a DC fan as a kid and I have an exclusively DC comic collection. I liked a few Marvels but only bought them sporadically. They were a few Spider-man, Doc Strange, Silver Surfer, Howard the Duck, Conan. Anything drawn by Neal Adams.

    In the UK there was a branch of Marvel called (inevitably) Marvel UK. I was hired to draw a Hulk cover. When the issue saw print my Hulk head had been replaced my one by John Romita (I think). I had the idea that there was a Marvel house style dominated by Jack Kirby, John Buscema. I drew a Howard the Duck cover For Marvel US and it turned out okay. Later I drew a She-Hulk cover. I had to ring up my editor and tell them my artwork would get to them the day after they wanted it. They had someone in the Marvel "bull pen" trace over the rough prelim I'd sent them and produce a very quick version of my cover and send that off for print. My artwork turned up the following day, apparently.

    With my work for 2000 AD and DC they'd been fairly flexible about deadlines. I had this idea that Marvel were stricter, and stricter too about about house style. I'm sure that's not true today but I still have a superstition about working for Marvel. Also I don't know a lot of their characters and don't feel that heart-warming nostalgia that I do over the DC characters I've known for 50 years.

    Comprehensive enough for you?

  5. Brian, your elucidations are like your illustrations: crystal-clear, pitch-perfect and utterly fascinating.

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