Sunday, 13 November 2011

Detail of the day.

Here's a cover I drew for 2000AD in the 80s. I can't remember what it was for. Buck Rogers or something.


  1. IIRC 2000ad would occasionally run semi-random covers, where there'd then be a text back up strip explaining the story of the cover. Think this was one of those!
    (BTW nice cover!)

  2. That's excellent! I got the opportunity to recolour one of your early 2000AD covers for the Megazine - a guy with aliens growing out of him?

  3. I think PJs right - I think it was a generic cover - I'd have to check - Its possible it was for a future shock that was inside.

    Hey Ade! =) Small world.

  4. Its from prog 213 for a small text story (a few paragraphs only) on page 22.

    This prog also features a Bolland Anderson Death pin-up.