Friday, 25 November 2011

Detail of the day.

Here's part of a page from the story "Harry the Head" I did for the comic that came from the Residents' CD and later CD-rom (do you remember them?) game "Freak Show". The Residents later rereleased Freak Show in a nice new format that had this story and others in a book inside it. Check it out.


  1. I stumbled upon this story online somewhere - and not that long ago. I was delighted to read it and now think it one of your finest things. I was considering commenting on it last to see if you would put a page of it up. Poor Harry.

  2. I love the complete range of reactions on their faces (mixed bunch that we humans are at the best of times!) and shall certainly get hold of the printed strip.

  3. I still remember this story. I read it years ago and I think I could never forget it.