Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Detail of the day.

I did this poster a couple of years ago for the BFI (British Film Institute). They showed some comic book derived films at the NFT (the National Film Theatre). I've spent many an hour in the NFT. Chuck Jones was there once talking about and introducing his great animated films. They once showed the films by the Czech animator, JirĂ­ Trnka. And many other things.


  1. I first saw Trnka on Czech TV many years ago, couldn't believe it. Have you seen 'The Hand'? Sinister stuff. With it's puppet tradition it's no wonder Czechs took to animation in a big way. Incidentally if you've ever been frustrated by DIY, you'll love the calamitous brilliance of the series 'Pat a Mat' They were a kind of 'Czechoslovak' Stan and Ollie.....

  2. The Trnka they showed at the NFT was "Old Czech Legends" (I think). Have you been watching Mark Cousins' series "The Story of Film: An Odyssey"? I recommend it. He showed a clip from "The Hand". I'd never seen it before.

    I'll have to look up the Czech Stan & Ollie.

  3. RE: Mark Cousins - I hadn't heard of this (I have no TV) - but I'll find it. Thanks for the recommendation. 'Old Czech Legends' Is the one that blew me away (I think). Surreal, terrifying, touching, beautiful... all hallmarks of his work, I guess.

    You can see The Hand (1965) (Part 1 of 2) at this link Brian.

    Pat a Mat (1970's)...I love the way no change is made to the expressions yet the puppets appear to think things over...cracks me up every time. Here is a link...

  4. ...and Wikipedia has a very interesting note highlighting the trouble artists had to go to in explaining 'subversive art' (read 'comedy) to the authorities in communist Czechoslovakia!...amazing. Nothing validates art quicker than the scrutiny of a ...!!%&*!!!

    How lucky are we who are free to draw or speak as we wish?

  5. I have a framed copy of this poster in my apartment - it's great! All the people at the framing shop loved it too.

  6. Fantastic! It's such a simple image but I could talk about it for awhile. Want one!