Monday, 14 November 2011

Detail of the day.

Here's a cover I did for Lobo.


  1. Great piece, and an awful lot of feet!

  2. ...and with deft avoidance of any body parts that might be considered too rude.

  3. A lot of fans are really into the intricate inking on B.B. artwork but for me this piece really highlights the accuracy of anatomy beneath all that... I seem to recall an interview in which Brian used the lovely term "twiddly-noodling" - for excessive cross-hatching etc which artists sometimes use to screen poor draughtsmanship whereas no disguises are necessary with the above.

    And of course there's another amusing orgy in that Munden's bar strip too!

  4. amazing cover, from Argentina big fan of you.
    GREETINGS! good new year!

  5. ....and I'm sure Lobo was very grateful.

    But the best bit is the penguin