Thursday, 3 November 2011

Detail of the day.

I had to tidy up the speech balloon here.  I've never understood why "speech" and "speak" have different vowels in them. I'm always pulled up short by my spell-checker!


  1. Brian were you given carte blanche on what scene you would illustrate for the covers or were key moments in the stories chosen for you?

  2. Back then I was great pals with Forbidden Planet and Titan Books' Nick Landau. Nick was publishing these issues under licence as Eagle Comics. He'd previously been acting editor at 2000 AD. He came over to my flat and we'd throw ideas around. We'd already read the stories and seen the art so we quickly agreed on what would make a good cover. There was a mixture of sci fi, horror, satire and comedy in Dredd. A combination that, at the time, we didn't see in American comics. I'm not sure you see it today. There was a lot of hilarity when Nick and I were thinking up ideas for the covers.

  3. It shows you were having fun, those covers were always a trip. I used to like the way in one story you could expect a variety of styles, often drawing the same character in very different ways. One thing the editors should be commended for is allowing artists to bring a unique view to the same material. That challenged the audience, it enriched and enlivened the stories too. I think if they had insisted on everyone drawing the same way that would have deadened things. Thanks for answering that question, it's very interesting to me how the art direction was decided.

  4. Re-reading my comment I think I should clear something up. I didn't mean that your style changed any in the course of a story. I mean that although your work was on the covers, the interiors had a range of artists that also included your work, and I think that was a really good thing and I'm surprised it was accepted by editors in the early days. I didn't buy the US editions, I already had everything. But when I began collecting you had stopped working on the stories. I think the first I saw your work was the Caligula volume for Titan...but same difference, your work on the cover and a range of artists styles inside.

  5. I think my first Brian Bolland art that I came across was the Dan Dare cover art for Prog 11? of 2000AD (Off the top of my head).After that I was hooked.

    I loved all the various Forbidden Planet adverts that appeared on their carrier bags when they were in Denmark Street.

    Did you ever do any prelims for these at all?

    Any chance of seeing some more of your obscure early work such as the BEM magazine cover?