Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Detail of the day.

I've changed a couple of tiny details on this. I wonder if you can spot them.


  1. Hi from Spain Brian!

    He He...Well I,ve discovered a drop of blood on the "smile" badge... (in a "watchmen" way...) and another one... with the form of a... crab(?) and some letters inside... "FSM" maybe... All of them in the Ernest Errol Quinch´s chest...

    Mmm... this could be an interesting play for your blog, Brian, he he he... We only need a good prize... ;)


  2. Congratulations José from Avilés Spain. You're right. The FSM is the emblem of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster whose followers call themselves Pastafarians.

    Your prize, José, is an all expenses trip to Northern Spain. All you have to do is send me all your bank account details and passwords!

  3. GREAT!!! Thanks!!!! (HeHe...) :D

  4. Ah, another one of your gorgeous illustrations that I spent hours and hours studying as a teenager! Always loved Anderson's wicked sideways grin at Hershey up at the top there. You're an inspiration Mr Bolland.

  5. I always figured she was reading's Hershey's thoughts that make her smile. My take anyway.

  6. Oh yes - I remember this awesome cover, if was brilliant to see 2000AD produced in the American format and I think I bought all the issues even though I had the originals!
    I don't think the USA ever really recovered from it's first hit of "Thrill Power" :-D