Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Detail of the day.

Another detail from Camelot 3000.


  1. Brian, I totally remember that scene from Cam 3000 - in fact, my brain is still etched with the shots of Morgan's back your work was that strong.

    Love the blog.

  2. I have a very clear memory of printing lithographs all morning in Peacock Printmakers, in Aberdeen, desperate for my lunch hour to come so I could head off to the only comic store in the north-east, hoping there'd be a new Camelot..and coming back happy!

    I recall the store folded and I started travelling to Glasgow to keep up and on one occasion, as I bought number 12 (I think)...found myself standing next to a chap who turned out to be John Wagner of all people. Not that he'd recall the baffled looking punk clutching Camelot 3000 - but I remember being amused as he complained about having 'had one too many last night'.