Thursday, 6 October 2011

Detail of the day.

The cover of Camelot #11 and a page from something that I don't think was ever printed and I'm  not sure what it was for. I don't know how to put these pictures and these words where I want them, thereby resulting in an ugly composition.


  1. Could the page be from World Funnest? I remember it having lots of single pages representing certain comic book eras by high profile artist. Anyway, HUGE fan, you've been an inspiration and I'm enjoying the new blog immensely.

  2. Camelot 3000 was the first thing that I saw of yours and of course LOVED it. The fine detail is exquisite.

    The Superman page is pure awesome sauce capturing the feel of the Golden Age without being dated at all. And the penultimate panel is really nice.

    Loving your blog, keep it up!